When crisis strikes, the last thing you want is hesitation or uncertainty when asked, 'What do we do now?". Meet the Arctic Wolf Incident Response JumpStart Retainer, your answer and action plan.

When faced with a cyber incident, uncertainty is the last thing you need. Axians partners with Arctic Wolf, a leading incident response (IR) provider, to empower you to react as quickly and efficiently as possible to major cyber incidents and breaches. From ransomware attacks to business email compromises, we’ve got you covered.

In our approach, swift restoration and recovery is prioritized while performing containment and analysis to help you return to normal operations.

A new perspective on the Incident Response (IR) Retainer

Being prepared for a cyber attack should not require an organization to pre-purchase a block of IR hours costing tens of thousands of dollars. Arctic Wolf IR JumpStart Retainer combines the short response SLA and proactive IR planning to build confidence and resilience, without the upfront costs of traditional IR retainers.

IR Plan Builder

Based on years of experience in dealing with cyber attacks at large and small organizations, our IR Plan Builder guides you through an online process of collecting the critical information required to jump-start IR engagements.

IR Plan Review

Our experts will meticulously review your incident response plan to identify gaps and missing information that cause delays during the response to data breaches and other major incidents.

Why choose Arctic Wolf IR JumpStart Retainer?

  • Proactive planning
    • Key contacts designation
    • IR Plan Builder: organize critical information for faster SLAs
    • Identification of critical data and applications
    • Plan review to identify gaps
  • Rapid engagement
    • 1-hour response time for immediate action
    • Discounted hourly and flat rates
    • Fast-track scoping call in the event of an incident
  • Full-Service IR Team
    • Elastic Response Framework
    • In-depth digital forensics analysis
    • Comprehensive data and system restoration

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