The Banking and Insurance sectors are changing

Privacy and security, as well as compliance, are becoming increasingly important. Digital banking, increased competition from Fintechs and start-ups… All these evolutions force more traditional organizations to not only quickly evolve their technology, but also to invent new models.

How Axians can help Banks and Insurance companies

  • Consultancy

    Dedicated consultants grow together with the client as a part of the business. We have a strong focus on technological skills such as automation, transformation, business continuity, middleware, security and guidance of x-shoring teams.

  • Integrated service partner

    We guide our clients in their migration and internalization processes and evolve from local service partner to integrated service partner. We take into account the compliancy with FSMA & other regulations.

  • Security as a service

    We continuously monitor your various private and cloud network traffic flows, using advanced toolings. AI generated alerts are verified by our security team, and an adequate threat response is executed.

Optimal Cloud & Datacenter solutions

New data & SaaS platforms require new approaches. Banking & Insurance companies need a cloud & datacenter architecture adapted to their current situation, to deal with the valuable and sensitive data they possess. We can provide our customers with a cost assessment comparing the current architecture with a future architecture.

The optimal cloud & datacenter architecture can be an on-prem solution, a cloud solution, a private cloud solution or a hybrid cloud solution. Axians is a loyal partner when it comes to deployments in every of the above mentioned environments.

Planning Optimalization: Predictive Analytics

To perform detailed financial and investment analysis, an infinite number of factors must be taken into account. When making a sales forecast, inventory planning, resource planning, capacity planning… the business cycle, inflation expectations, seasonal fluctuations and other elements that can affect a forecast must be taken into account.

To make these forecasts predictive, a detailed analysis of the historical evolutions is a must.

Digital transformation: keep up with market trends

Working with Axians means keeping up with market trends. The chatbot Sara AI that we developed allows for a transformation of the customer support experience, with the possibility of incorporating artificial intelligence and advanced analytics functions in a business context of the future. This way, we create customer support as a service model for our insurance customers.

Another example is the implementation of an Nginx microservice at one of the major retail banks of Belgium. This solution brings the availability of home banking functionalities to the next level.


Banks & Insurance have always been an attractive target for cyber crime. Fraud, bank account theft, money-laundering, personal data breaches are some of the attack types affecting financial institutions and insurances. Often, the human factor is responsible for an important part of security related problems. We help you protect your valuable data in a secure and compliant way.

Cyber attacks are inevitable, but the extent of the impact is not predetermined.  Methodologies and standards that distill best practices into structured, easy-to-apply guidelines help you make a risk based security strategy and allow you to gradually grow your security maturity over time.

Case studies

Discover our customers’ stories

  • International Retail Bank: Cost Reduction through Innovation

    Cost Optimization and Advanced Security remediation for the vendor neutral reverse proxy, load balancing and IAM integration  of 100+ web applications based on Enterprise Open Source Tooling NGINX.

  • Solutions for financial markets

    Axians architected, implemented and tuned a persistent storage solution for among others an existing container platform and a mission critical SAAS container platform. In the first solution, our customer’s offer relates to the financial supply chain, making the DevOPS platform extremely critical for their clients. In the second solution, our customer is active in the segment of automotive leasing, but also for other mobility providers and finance companies.

  • Private Asset Management

    Axians continuously monitors this company’s various private and cloud network traffic flows, using advanced toolings. The AI generated alerts are verified by our security team, and an adequate threat response is executed.

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