The ideal cloud & data setup for your business

As your business grows, so does your data. Storing your data in the cloud & safely integrating it in your network can seem like a complex issue if you don’t know which tools to use. The ideal cloud & data setup secures your business continuity without impact on production, and is completely tailored to your requirements. For a seamless interaction between services, networks, data storage, users and processes.

How to pick a cloud solution

Switching to the cloud is sure to bring more flexibility and efficiency to your processes. But which cloud solution is right for you? Do you want a private or on-prem cloud, for maximum control over your data? Or do you opt for a public cloud, that helps you leverage wider economies of scale by accessing a publicly shared resource pool? Perhaps a hybrid cloud works better, which is the combination of both. Axians helps you pick the solution that’s right for your company and we guide you through the process.

Case studies

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  • Large International Airport: DevOps & Infrastructure

    Axians Belgium delivered highly available all-flash storage infrastructure and DevOps consultancy services with focus on RabbitMQ for a large international airport. Type of cloud: hybrid

  • Mohawk – Unilin

    Private Cloud with VersaStack: Axians delivered architecture and support of a Converged Infrastructure by Cisco & IBM – VersaStack both centrally in Belgium as well as for 20 remote sites.

  • Cartamundi: SAP hosting & support

    Axians ensured hosting, support and maintenance of the Cartamundi ERP infrastructure.  Cartamundi can therefore focus on growth and evolution in the card and board game market. Type of cloud: multi

Our expertise in cloud and data center

Innovative services

We not only help you place your data in the cloud, but also provide the necessary innovative services: such as integrated service management, or back-up as a service (BAAS), platform as a service and recovery management (DRAAS).

Axians also helps you secure your data, so that your organization can safely store all the data it needs. Is there an unexpected problem? Then we help you to get back to work as soon as possible.

Integrated Service Management

Infrastructure, Tooling & Backup and Recovery Management

New data & SaaS platforms require new approaches. That’s why we guide you in your migration and internalization processes. As a result, your data streams are securely linked to your back-up through an easy-to-use platform, and you have access to them wherever and whenever you want.

Stay connected and secure

More about our expertise in cybersecurity

Cyber attacks are inevitable, but the extent of the impact is not predetermined. Methodologies and standards that distill best practices into structured, easy-to-apply guidelines help you make a risk based security strategy and allow you to gradually grow your security maturity over time.

Managed services

To maximize service quality for your customers and unleash the full potential of your systems, you can rely on our managed services for end-to-end and 24/7 supervision of your data centers.

DRAAS Platform for Business Continuity

Do you have a business continuity plan? Disaster Recovery As A Service (DRAAS) actively prevents data loss, and helps you get going again quickly in the case of unforeseen circumstances.

  • Business continuity plan
  • Recovery Point Objective
  • Recovery Time Objective
  • Network Recovery Objective

Axians: the best of ICT with a human touch

Value added services

Why work with Axians?

Axians stands for reliability and unburdening. Our mission is ICT with a human touch, meaning we are easily approachable for our clients and give their business individual attention – we speak your language. Come to us if you want to co-create a solution that is tailor made for your business, using strong, standardized building blocks and a proven methodology. After all, we like to think with you long term. You’ll find us in your close proximity, and at the same time you’ll benefit from our large Axians global network.


Streamline your architecture to improve profitability

To maximize the return on investments in IT and ensure high availability across existing systems, Axians helps you make the best use of a virtualized and flexible infrastructure.

Improve business reliability through IT risk containment

24/7 protection of your business and corporate data is a priority. By optimizing your network infrastructure, Axians ensures that your data are permanently accessible and protected. This is achieved through secured data replication, to ensure data recovery and availability in case of a hardware failure.

Achieve your availability and quality goals

Data losses may result in a financial drain for any impacted organization. By designing and implementing disaster recovery and business continuity plans for your data centers, Axians helps you meet your regulatory compliance requirements, and ensures end-to-end data integrity.

Reduce energy consumption

With low-energy and low-carbon solutions, Axians reduces the energy footprint of your data center, helping you meet your sustainable development goals.

Access elastic IT capabilities

Through Axians’ Cloud Services, you have the option to up or downscale your IT capabilities depending on your business needs. This can be a major advantage when you need to respond to volatile business cycles or quickly build new environments for innovative projects.

Improve mobility and usability

Cloud Services enable users to access systems, anytime, anywhere and whatever device they use (smartphone, PC, tablet). In today’s context, this creates a truly mobile and user-friendly business environment.

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