Axele: digital support of knowledge

Axele is our digital solution for the sustainable sharing of knowledge and information to employees and customers. Our e-learning tool seamlessly adapts to your organization's learning needs, with a wide range of functionalities for interactive manuals and training.

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Your digital coach for an innovative future

Axians helps you with Axele-on-the-job for digital creation of interactive manuals or training courses. Together we create a track in our tool, where the final QR code means your access to:

  • digitizing your activities and product information
  • train your employees and customers
  • pass on knowledge to new colleagues
  • digital guidance tailored to your people and situation on site
  • guarantee up-to-date information and flexibility

From all markets

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Axele on-the-job offers several assets for multiple segments:

  • Product vendors. Are you selling a product? Use our digital manuals or training courses to simplify the introduction of your product to customers and aftercare.
  • Self-build. Interactive step-by-step support.
  • Installation and maintenance firms. Again, you don’t have to follow a paper manual, but can use Axele on-the-job digital guidance.


  • Industry. Internal training for operators is a piece of cake with Axele on-the-job, but the QA department can also benefit from the functionalities of our tool.
  • Rental companies. Customers are not always familiar with the proper use of devices. A QR code on the device is accessible, and is the simplified guide to better use of the device.

Assets for your domain

With Axele on-the-job you save valuable time with your experts, ensure that new employees can work faster, more flexible and with higher quality, avoid mistakes, reduce stress for inexperienced employees, …

  • Your experienced employees can very easily create a new training or guideline by filming step by step what is supposed to happen.
  • The technician always has the guidance at hand. Paper manuals often lie far away somewhere or get lost.
  • Searching for specific information is much easier via a Search.
  • Optionally, there can be multiple QR codes on the machine to indicate which part one is looking for.
  • Questions can be configured, for example to provide a meter reading or indicate where the problem is occurring. The answer then determines the subsequent steps. If desired, this can be read out automatically via a link to a machine.
  • The detailed logging of the steps taken (operator, duration per step, answers to questions, etc.) ensures that the tool can also be used for tracking & tracing of periodic tasks.
  • The tool can also be used for control of the work floor (cleanliness, …).
Digital support of knowledge

Axele on-the-job

Axele your smart coach for an innovative future

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