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By understanding both the what and why of organization processes, and the value they create for your employees, the implementation of digital technology can make an extraordinary impact on the happiness of your workers while enhancing the productivity.
Axians provides integrated business systems and applications with a focus on delivering flexible features and strong scalability to support emerging demands.

Digital transformation as an ecosystem enabler

Today’s patients expect to be well informed, and to actively take part in their journey for care and life quality. This means that those organizations which can connect and support medical communication lines in a comprehensive way, make the difference tomorrow. Secondly, personalization of treatments and patient experiences is gradually becoming the standard.
Both these trends require a strong vision on how to develop smart treatments and how to use digital technology to innovate medical processes.

How Axians helps to answer your challenges

  • Always on

    ICT endpoint support

  • As a Service

    Specialize in core activities, while all supporting services are performed carefully and professionally

  • Compliancy

    Ensure that data are controlled and compliant with legal requirements

  • Software Development

    Digitize your business processes and/or make the difference with a custom application

Compliant and sensitive data handling

In Life Science processes, many different parties are involved. Communication needs to happen between professionals in the medical-scientific & legal fields and governments:  often, there is also competition-sensitive information at stake, or confidential certifications and documents.
We have experience with drug manufacturer files and approval files standards, and adhere to the necessary security requirements – in O365 and in terms of networks, meeting room registrations, etc.  When it comes to applications, we set up collaborations with different parties in a secure way.

Network & Security

We help you connect servers, manage workstations, create new devices and write applications, so that your staff can focus on what’s really important.
We also ensure that your data is handled and transported securely.

Digitalizing processes in a worry-free way

Digital transformation

  • Design Thinking
  • UX experience
  • Agile, Scrum & Project methodology
  • Action plan and execution
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Case study

  • Paperless guiding system for Quality control in pharma

    Axians designed and developed a tracking application in collaboration with a renowned pharmaceutical company. It’s a Tracking and Reporting Software solution that offers the operators on the production floor guidance and instructions during the setup and the preparation steps of filling lines and formulation tanks.
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office buildings and more

Audiovisual Solutions

We equip AV technology in meeting rooms, auditoriums, boardrooms… And provide Managed Services for a worry-free maintenance.

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