Public address

By means of a multifunctional call microphone, a central and the necessary amplifiers and speakers, you can broadcast messages within your company in the zone(s) of your choosing. These systems can also be used for background music.


An automatic message reader can be linked to your alarm system; these systems are in accordance with European legislation (standards regarding sound pressure, fire retardancy of the materials, type of construction and redundancy, …).


You can use our state-of-the-art conference systems to improve intelligibility and give a chairperson the opportunity to properly conduct meetings. Our system allows the chairperson to give the floor to the participants since each participant has his own microphone with built-in speaker and the option to cast a correct vote with his badge. The meeting can also be streamed.

Simultaneous translation

Simultaneous interpretation allows participants to speak and listen in their own language. Participants can select the desired language from their device and will hear the interpreters translation of the presenter’s speech simultaneously. This way no subtle details and nuances are lost.




Comfort audio

Speech intelligibility is indispensable in your meeting rooms and/or auditoriums. Through a correct study of the acoustic properties of your room, we can ensure an optimal and balanced sound pressure level and an optimal speech transmission index.