Cloud Services

Cloud Services enable organizations to increase competitiveness by enabling a more agile and cost-efficient IT model. By outsourcing selected IT processes to the cloud, new features and capabilities can be deployed faster. Cloud Services also free up valuable capital by transforming IT costs from Capex to Opex.

What is it for?

Many of our customers express typical key drivers for their cloud project to be:

  • Demand-based cost structures
  • Rapid up- and downscaling of IT capabilities
  • Extensive network access across devices and geographies


Our solutions

Axians helps organizations deploy efficient and secure cloud solutions that suit their unique business models. Based on our experiences in guiding our customers into the cloud, we understand that each organization is subject to its own business case. Thus, whether it includes infrastructure, platform, or software solutions, Axians offers a holistic approach to your cloud initiative. Our deployment models for cloud solutions include:


HOT TOPIC – Multi-Cloud Solutions

The potential of the cloud is enormous: more flexibility, cost efficiency and faster scale up and down. But do you want to go all the way in the public cloud? Or do you opt for a hybrid solution? Axians helps organizations with their journey to the ideal cloud solution. And for High Performance Cloud solutions, Axians can deliver a Private Cloud solution based on IBM Cloud Private.
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HOT TOPIC – Cloud and ICT Automation

Do you know want to learn how Cloud automation saves a lot of time and money and how it leads to error-free operations? Axians Cloud engineers administer frameworks such as OpenStack for better scalability and improved security, and for driving integration with public clouds, such as Azure an AWS.
Join our tribe of inspiring Cloud Automation Engineers and discover our 5 values. Contact Ines for more information.

A solution

Private cloud

Axians' private cloud solution enables organizations to establish their own isolated cloud environment - built, converged and managed either from their own premises or ours.


Public cloud

Our public cloud solution unlocks the possibility for organizations to leverage wider economies of scale by accessing a publicly shared resource pool of computing, storing and networking capabilities.

A solution

Hybrid cloud

The hybrid cloud solution combines the benefits of private and public clouds to provide two separate models bundled into a single, streamlined cloud solution.

End to end service voor Cloud oplossingen

End-to-end services for cloud enablement

Axians has proven market ability to rapidly prepare your infrastructure. As well as assistance with planning of cloud solutions, we can make recommendations on managing any up-front investments, on-going operational costs and the disposal of any legacy assets.

The Axians benefits

Toegenomen kostenefficiencyIncreased cost-efficiency

This is achieved by implementing an on-demand provision model for IT. By only paying for what you use with Axians you are able to maximize the productivity of your IT spendings.

Maak vermogen vrijFree up your capital

By outsourcing costly IT assets to Axians, you are able to free-up valuable capital to invest in your core business. Axians, acting as a cloud provider, is, moreover, able to run your IT assets through a shared resource pool, ultimately bringing you through increased efficiency levels.

Gebruik schaalbare IT-voorzieningenAccess elastic IT capabilities

Through Axians' Cloud Services, you have the option to up or downscale your IT capabilities depending on your business needs. This can be a major advantage when you need to respond to volatile business cycles or quickly build new environments for innovative projects.

Verbeter de mobiliteit en bruikbaarheidImprove mobility and usability

Cloud Services enable users to access systems, anytime, anywhere and whatever device they use (smartphone, PC, tablet). In today's context, this creates a truly mobile and user-friendly business environment.

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