Customized business solutions for an SME in building materials

Customer: Corbeo
Expertise & industry: ERP & Business solutions for production and manufacturing
Technology: Business Software

Corbeo is a Belgian family-run business specialized in the manufacture and supply of rope and string for retail and specific industrial applications. They were in need of a reliable ERP system.

Wilfried Baeten and Silvie Goeminne had a clear vision of the ERP system from the start. And that’s no coincidence. The two enthusiastic managers of the company Ledent have a history as ERP consultants. In addition, Wilfried has started another IT-related company around IoT. This resulted in a clear assignment, a quick implementation and a clear vision of what the future should bring.


“SAP was able to accommodate 80% of our processes and the last 20% were parameterizable, which was certainly an advantage over
from Navision and finally made the difference for us.”

Wilfried Baeten, CEO, Corbeo nv