Smart Business Solutions for Operational Excellence

Customer: Corbeo
Expertise & industry: ERP & Business solutions for production and manufacturing
Technology: Business Software

Corbeo is a Belgian manufacturer and supplier of rope and string for retail. Some of their products are used in the agriculture industry which means seasonal peaks in production. Corbeo wanted to upgrade and fully optimise its entire operational flow. Managers Wilfried Baeten and Silvie Goeminne had a clear vision how they wanted the company further move into the  digital future.

Increasing production through automated flows

The previous ERP system did no longer fully meet the functionalities Corbeo needed. Not all partners, suppliers, internal or external workers worked the same way, not always in a digital way.  That caused many difficulties: lots of extra manual input because of tremendous paperworks, delays in several departments. The overall efficiency and communication in sales, administration, production and supply chain needed urgent optimisation.

Axians Belgium developed an unique  tailor-made platform for Corbeo, taking the challenge several steps further. The clever solution  

  • automatically captures and digitizes third-party documents such as incoming sales orders,
  • gives Corbeo an automated inventory overview in function of optimized production speed,
  • increases production rate through automating orders and instructions to the employees and operators,

Opening a range of new perspectives 

The new platform not only covers exactly what Corbeo asked for, but significantly contributes to the overall increase in Corbeo’s daily operational and organizational activities. The solution

  • makes time-consuming processes redundant,
  • requires no longer manual human administrational input,
  • automates orders and communicates working instructions directly to the operators,
  • optimizes the entire operational flow,  inventory management and planning,
  • provides access for external partners using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange),

As a result

The smart business solution opened a lot of new opportunities for the company. Corbeo now

  • has instant clear view on the entire operational flow also using Power BI dashboarding,
  • sees its overall production and information management increase significantly,
  • can rely on an innovative platform to further strive to the company’s wish to strive to operational excellence,

It also helped its managers to further roll out the solution for its partner companies.

SAP was able to accommodate 80% of our processes and the last 20% were parameterizable, which was certainly an advantage over
from Navision and finally made the difference for us.


Baeten Wilfried