Customer: VIVES CareLab
Expertise & industry: Audiovisual solutions
Technology: Recording, streaming, camera tracking

The CareLab at VIVES responds to the increasing importance of interprofessional collaboration in supporting care technology in the home and living environment. It wants to distinguish itself from other knowledge centers through an interprofessional vision, a client-oriented approach and strong collaboration with the professional field. It is a place where students from various health care programs get the opportunity to answer concrete questions from practice.

The challenge of this project was to create a mobile solution that could be used at different locations within the building. With this solution provided by Axians AV, VIVES can livestream and record trainings and treatments simultaneously within the CareLab. The solution was built around a centralized streaming device – a tricaster by Newtec – which offers the possibility to add information to these recordings with many expansion options for the future.

How does it work?

The solution is a custom made mobile flightcase for a tricaster mini with two monitors, a tricaster controller, mouse and keyboard. The tricaster allows you to control both the camera image and controls through the NDI – networked video technology. All this is made possible through a standard network architecture. By using NDI only one network connection is required instead of several SDI connectors in an analog setup. The same goes for the audio part. By using DANTE – networked audio technology – the audio signal is brought into the tricaster through the same network connection. The result is a mobile solution with a power plug and two network connections which you can connect to anywhere in the building.