The NIS2 Directive is a crucial European regulation focusing on the security of networks and information systems in many critical sectors. By October 17, 2024, all EU member states must transpose the NIS2 Directive into their national legislation, after which the requirements will become effectively applicable. Compliance with the NIS2 directive therefore becomes essential to protect your organization against cyber threats, manage risk and comply with regulatory requirements.

NIS2 targets many new sectors

The food, industrial automation and waste management sectors will soon fall within the scope of the NIS2 directive. Consequently, companies operating in these fields need to be aware of the provisions of the NIS2 directive and the measures required to comply with them. More than ever, they need to pay particular attention to the security of their network and information systems. This is because of the potential impact of a security incident on the continuity of essential services, and its economic and social consequences.

Cybersecurity NIS2

Cybersecurity is a team sport

By complying with the NIS2 directive, companies contribute to improving overall cybersecurity in their industry and the EU. Building trust with customers, partners and regulators is also an indirect positive consequence. Moreover, they can benefit from the best practices and insights gained from collaboration between EU member states and other relevant stakeholders.
By taking steps together as an industry in a structured approach to cybersecurity, companies can collectively reduce their exposure to cyber threats and security risks while simultaneously meeting all the requirements of the NIS2 Directive. Moreover, a shared risk management process helps organizations allocate their resources in an efficient manner, by sharing knowledge together in prioritizing the most critical threats and vulnerabilities, and in devising effective measures.
In doing so, it is important to emphasize that cybersecurity within an organization is not just the responsibility of the IT or security team, but of the entire organization. Involving employees at all levels and departments in the risk management process creates broader awareness of cybersecurity risks. It helps create a culture of responsibility and vigilance.

An effective cybersecurity policy

In light of increasing cyber threats and the strengthened provisions of the NIS2 Directive, it is essential that companies consider cybersecurity a core part of their strategy and take the necessary steps to protect their network, automation, and information systems to make them resilient:

  • Strengthen your cybersecurity with the help of the NIS2 guideline
  • Manage risks and protect critical infrastructures
  •  Comply with European regulations and avoid potential consequences
  • Implement effective security measures in your industrial automation systems
  • Prepare for the future of the industrial automation sector

Axians helps you understand and implement the NIS2 directive. Together we develop an efficient cyber security policy with effective measures to avoid cyber risks and be NIS2 ready!


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