AV changes everything. It changes the way we communicate and work within our company or institution.

Intuitive, intelligent AV encompasses a world of applications, making organizations, buildings and operating environments more technically agile, productive and profitable. We design spectacular AV solutions for smarter and more dynamic buildings and environments. The implementation of IoT enables organizations to make their buildings smarter. Sensors can measure almost anything and new (wireless) technology makes it possible to use a wealth of information. The data from connected buildings can be used to:

  • Increase the performance of the building
  • Optimize the use of resources
  • Optimize service
  • Improve the employee experience in the work environment


Automization has become an integral part of the audiovisual world. Our specialists analyze your needs and build a human interface that can be intuitively operated by anyone. Moreover, automization has an ecological character: it prevents your equipment from being constantly turned on unnecessarily. This benefits the life of your valuable equipment. Your room can also be monitored remotely: for example, your IT helpdesk can take over screens if necessary.

Digital Signage

How can we make the wait of our visitors more pleasant? How do we inform our own employees? The solution for this is Digital Signage, also known as Narrowcasting. Tailor-made and targeted information in the form of text, photos, videos, RSS feeds,…. is shown on displays inside and outside the building. The information is managed via a cloud platform. In this way it can be easily adapted to the target group, the time and the location. Our partners in this are Centomedia, LG and Samsung.

Room booking

No more double bookings and more efficient use of the existing infrastructure: these are the major advantages of a room booking system. You can book any room you want from Outlook, Google Calendar, or from a display on the meeting room door. This can also be linked to presence sensors, so that a booked but unused room is released again after 15 minutes. For this system we partner with AMX Crestron and Evoko. The information is visible on the room booking display in the room and also on the signage screens at the reception and elevators.



Dynamic Wayfinding

You can search for your destination within the building from a touch screen in the reception or central entrance hall. The system refers you to the static signaling via colors or street numbers. The desired route can optionally be printed.

Virtual Reception

With a virtual reception you can receive your visitors professionally. The visitors can register thenselves via the easy-to-use touch interface. After that, they can directly contact an employee.