Business Analytics

Axians helps organizations identify their challenges and take appropriate actions to turn them into opportunities. Advanced analytics help generate value from customer, performance and financial data, to provide meaningful visibility to business users. This helps data-driven decisions that result in a positive impact on the bottom line.

Combine, improve and analyse

Business analytics pave the way for 3 key benefits:

  • Improved performance: Turning data into valuable information gives organizations the opportunity to take data-driven business decisions that optimize their internal and external performance. For example, greater insight into manufacturing costs and the ability to adjust production on the fly are ways to improve profitability.
  • Viewing customers in-depth: Knowing who your customers are and understanding their requirements are invaluable assets. Customer insight gained from Business Analytics enables the customization of marketing actions, offerings and services, which helps retain existing customers and attract new ones.
  • Managing risks: Business Analytics improves risk management and containment, as it assists in identifying potential frauds, or in predicting the next maintenance operation. Business Analytics also supports "what if" scenarios, helps assess the level of risk pertaining to a specific decision, and provides insight into occupational risks.


Our solutions

Axians helps organizations generate value from their existing data: customer, performance, financials and other data profiles provide meaningful information that enables organizations take quicker, smarter and timely decisions. With our business analytics solutions and expertise, organizations maximize business profitability, manage risk and optimize their corporate systems, people's productivity and business processes.


HOT TOPIC - Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Applications

Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Applications leverage possibilities from previously unexplored data sources to enable the next level of business efficiency, innovation and growth. As preferred IBM partner, Axians helps organizations to implement a new and Smarter Wave of Analytics, using cutting edge deep learning technologies.
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HOT TOPIC – Inspired Data Mining

Do you want to find out how data can help a company grow and what is the best for their business? Do you prefer to make decisions based on facts and figures, not on beliefs or opinions? Do you want to use data to provide customers with meaningful insights that translates into a positive business impact?
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Performance Management

Financial Performance Management

Plan and develop forecasts based on historical data, trends and predictions. This way you can increase performance and the predictability of your organization is made smoother.

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Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

A Data Warehouse collects, validates, combines and structures data from diverse sources, and sets up a historical record. This becomes your source of information for the elaboration of analyses, (management) reporting, dashboards and scorecards.

Operational Business Intelligence

Operational Business Intelligence

Operational Business Intelligence offers a real-time, dynamic insight into data, streaming events and business operations. This supports decision-making and enables fast & direct reaction to these insights, by manual or automatic actions.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

With Predictive Analytics you map out, based on predictions, where you currently are and what you can achieve, by revealing trends, patterns and relations in your structured and unstructured data. Apply these insights in forecasting and take the appropriate actions.

The Axians benefits

Improved decision makingImproved decision making

Axians turns corporate data into usable business information, providing organizations and their employees with the right information at the right time. The result is information that is easily accessible and enables you to make the right data-driven business decisions.

Enhanced competitivenessEnhanced competitiveness

Organizations with Business Analytics environments outperform their competitors by drilling down into their data banks and discovering new revenue opportunities and new production innovation ideas. They can also spot their most profitable customers and better serve them.

Actionable insightsActionable insights

Business Analytics provides organizations with actionable insights that help them improve their performance and take smart decisions, consistently.

Reliable informationReliable information

Business Analytics lays the foundation for leveraging reliable data. Knowing where specific data is collected from and ensuring data quality helps organizations actually take decisions instead of spending valuable time on debating numbers.

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