Meet Sandra, the dedicated Prevention Advisor at Axele SafeGuard Industries. Sandra’s mission is to create and maintain a workplace where safety is not just a priority but a way of life. In her role, Sandra faces the intricate task of managing Health, Safety, Quality, and Environment (HSEQ) standards, ensuring compliance with regulations, and fostering a culture of well-being among the workforce.
Sandra discovered a game-changer in Axele on-the-job, a digital platform designed to elevate workplace safety to new heights.

Seamless Procedure Follow-Up

Axele on-the-job revolutionizes how employees engage with safety procedures. By providing step-by-step guidance through text, pictures, and videos, the platform ensures that each process is executed seamlessly, mitigating risks. Employees can effortlessly follow safety protocols in real-time, fostering a culture of precision and safety excellence. These real-time updates on safety regulations, ensure that Axele SafeGuard Industries operates within the latest legal frameworks.

The platform allows companies to meticulously track usage, ensuring compliance with safety standards. This feature not only bolsters safety protocols but also serves as a proactive measure for regulatory adherence.


Integrated PPE Guidance:

Sandra, armed with Axele on-the-job, incorporates Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) guidance seamlessly within instructions. This integration ensures that employees are well-informed about the specific PPE they need to wear. Ambiguity is eliminated, guaranteeing that safety is prioritized at every step of the workflow.


Embedded Safety Instructions

In Axele on-the-job, safety instructions are no longer standalone documents. They seamlessly integrate into other relevant procedures, providing contextual information. For example, at the outset of a maintenance instruction, employees instantly access details about required PPE and safety regulations. This integration enhances overall procedural efficiency.


Accessible Trainings

The platform doesn’t just stop at instructions; it offers easily accessible training modules for all workers. These modules serve as a cornerstone for ensuring that correct processes are consistently followed, contributing to the enhancement of worker health and safety. The tangible outcome is a reduction in accidents and heightened adherence to safety protocols.


Visitor Guides

Axele on-the-job extends its safety prowess to visitors of Axele SafeGuard Industries with traceable visiting guides. These guides function as a thorough resource, aiding visitors in adhering to health and safety protocols. They are monitored to keep record of their usage, providing insights into who accesses them and when. The platform actively plays a role in establishing a safe environment for all participants.

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