Whether you are looking for real-time interactive guidance, simplified troubleshooting, digitized inspections or seamless e-learning, Axele on-the-job  streamlines your operations and empowers your workforce through visual tutorials and digital instructions.


Real-Time Interactive Guidance with Axele on-the-job

Say goodbye to confusion and downtime. Our digital platform provides unmatched precision and clarity through step-by-step guidance in text, pictures, and videos. Eliminate errors, ensure compliance, and customize guidance to fit your unique needs. Stay up-to-date and continuously improve with real-time updates.


Simplify Troubleshooting with Axele on-the-job

Our digital platform empowers connected workers to resolve issues efficiently, minimizing downtime and costly errors. Get step-by-step guidance through text, pictures, and videos, ensuring quick problem identification and resolution. With the use of Axele on-the-job your experienced troubleshooters share their expertise within your organization.


Transform your inspections with Axele on-the-job

Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to streamlined processes. Our platform not only provides dynamic step-by-step instructions through text, pictures, and videos but also simplifies data capture with checkboxes, input fields, and more. Mandatory fields ensure compliance, and the captured data is structured and analyzable. Get a clear representation of the inspected object, making inspections more comprehensive and efficient.


Unlock Seamless Learning with Axele on-the-job

Simplify onboarding, foster skill development, empower employees, and ensure compliance effortlessly. Our digital platform is designed to save experts’ time and speed up the onboarding process. It ensures quality through enhanced training and delivers customized on-the-job training to technicians, operators, service engineers, and other workers. The platform takes into account the multilingual makeup of your workforce, making it accessible to everyone.

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