Standardized retail solution for a specialist in custom made orthopedic products & shoes

Customer: House of Feet – De Prêtre
Expertise & industry:  ERP, Software & Application development for retail
Technology: SAP Business One, Point of Sales CitiXsys

In five generations, De Prêtre Orthopedics (House of Feet) has grown into a modern, contemporary orthopedic center with a reliable reputation throughout Belgium. With SAP Business One, De Prêtre opted for the integration of all core processes in one and the same standard ERP package. The financial management of the company, as well as customer management, purchase and sale, and management reporting are all based on a streamlined platform, built and implemented by Axians.

How does it work?

Axians built a powerful ERP tool, with the necessary attention to the characteristics of an SME environment. Ten users, spread over branches in Bruges, Ieper, Aalst, Lokeren and Ostend, can now rely on the same, continuously up-to-date data.

The compatibility of the package ensures smooth cooperation with other applications. House of Feet uses a customized solution that communicates seamlessly with SAP Business One for the interaction with health insurance companies.

Due to the growing share of retail in their activities, extra attention was paid to the purchase and sale functionalities of the package. Together with the automation of the entire administration, this part is the motor of the solution. Due to the specific nature of the production, with a high degree of customization, the project team decided to leave the control of production outside the scope of the project for the time being.

I assume that thanks to SAP Business One we can shrink our stock by about 15 percent. If you know that this means annual savings of 150,000 to 200,000 euros, you understand that the investment in the package can quickly pay for itself.”

Geert De Prêtre, Manager at De Prêtre – House of Feet

Axians also investigated whether some processes in the company could be further automated. At De Prêtre, the preparation of a file for the RIZIV (National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance) is essential for reimbursements. By automating this specific process with the help of the Axians file module, not only could the RIZIV refunds be handled with more precision and faster, but the handling of the files was also integrated within the ERP structure.

The Axians  file module is a handy tool for all companies that want to automate their file follow-up or case management in a more detailed manner within their business processes. In this way, not only can time be saved, but the service to customers can also be improved. At De Prêtre, the RIZIV file was automated, but the same file module can also be used for the correct handling of a birth list in a baby shop or an ISO certified complaint handling within your company.


More efficient stock management

The switch to SAP Business One provided more clarity at De Prêtre and reduced the margin of error.

Reporting and statistics provide added value

Thanks to the new system, De Prêtre can check exactly what the sales figures and margins are per brand or type of shoe – even per shoe size.

Improved organization and structure

The standard processes of a system such as SAP have proven their value at many companies. By adapting their organization to these processes, De Prêtre now benefits from the know-how and experience of all these predecessors.