Remote schooling for children who’ve fallen ill longterm

Customer: Bednet
Expertise & industry: Software & application development for E-learning
Technology: WebRTC, Axians Cloud

When children or students fall ill for a duration of longer than two weeks, they can use the services of Bednet. This organization supplies the necessary means to both classroom and child so that the child can virtually join the classroom from the hospital, his home, bed, … Axians has built an application for Bednet that allows children to connect to their class through a mobile unit, or “kiosk”.

How does it work?

The mobile unit is placed on the seat of the child in class, and a web application allows the streaming of everything that happens in the classroom. The child can make use of a wide variety of functionalities such as a chat, moving and controlling the camera on the kiosk, virtually raising their hand to ask questions, sharing documents, … etc. The main goal is to ensure that the child still feels connected to his or her class during the absence as well as ensuring that they can continue their education as efficiently as possible.

“Axians has developed a Bednet application for us that optimally guarantees communication between the unit in the classroom and the child’s laptop.”

Wim van de Weyer, ICT-manager at Bednet

The solution is built as a web application running in the Axians Cloud. It is fully integrated with the existing ERP system, so that no additional actions are required to set- up new children and allow them to use the solution.



The application can make use of multiple ‘media servers’ as to cover an increased amount of children following classes.


Can be updated at any time without interruption for the children.


Data  is collected which can be used for QoS monitoring, usage reporting, …


The solution was built using the feedback of multiple end users, test groups, designers, .. so that it is easy to use for kindergarteners, children, and high school students.