Platform as a Service accelerates digitisation

Klant: Beerens Groep
Expertise & industrie: Cloud & Datacenter, Digital Workspace
Technologie:  PaaS, SaaS, Citrix, Hybride IT

Beerens Groep is an international specialist in automotive services with several subsidiaries and is active in the field of transport, storage, car bodywork, rental and fleet services. The company has a storage facility of no less than 200,000 m², an internal car wash, special photo booths and a brand new and ultramodern body shop. Every year, for example, it transports some 70,000 cars. An extensive offer within a large-scale environment.

Beerens Groep consulted Axians Belgium for a powerful refresh of its IT environment in order to obtain a better and secure centralised overview, to be able to further expand its capacity, to offer a better user experience and to prepare optimally for the digital future.

High agility on a rapidly scalable PaaS

In order to be able to switch quickly and meet this major challenge, Axians Belgium provided the client with a PaaS environment. This makes it possible to control and secure all required applications and data in one central platform and to scale faster. In addition, overhead can be significantly reduced, the user experience is improved substantially and a further roll-out now is much faster.

We strongly believe in the Cloud.  We can now switch more quickly and we no longer have to worry about security.  Everything is done automatically, and if something would happen, I get an instant notification. The whole platform saves us a lot of overhead and is very easy to use.

De Smet Christophe

ICT Manager

Axians Belgium also ensured

  • that the current IT infrastructure could be retained,
  • but is now also ready for a switch to Hybrid IT or Cloud if the client wishes so later on.

This solution also makes it possible to link SaaS services seamlessly and expand quickly. A high degree of flexibility is thus already provided and it also makes the whole centrally a lot easier to manage. It also offers a lot of additional possibilities in terms of security.

A great innovation for Beerens Groep that offers them the necessary manoeuvrability and ensures their desire for future (digital) growth.

Axians Belgium reacts fast, proactively and implements quickly so that our business continuity is assured.  Axians made suggestions we did not know about before. For instance, in terms of user and data management Axians really made our life a lot easier. The whole world is changing rapidly. If you haven’t yet noticed that, you’re already leaping behind. Fortunately, we are now – more than ever –  ready for the many opportunities that arise in the fast-evolving digitisated world. This very stable platform gives all our users a very good experience. Happy people make good work and that is highly important in our group.

De Smet Christophe

ICT Manager