Graincam Mobile app

Customer: CNHi
Expertise & industry: Custom Application Development to facilitate the harvesting process
Technology: Mobile app development, AI, TensorFlow, Azure



CNH Industrial is a world-class equipment and services company that sustainably promotes the noble work of agricultural and construction workers. Based in Zedelgem, CNH Industrial Belgium designs, develops and manufactures New Holland brand combine harvesters, balers and forage harvesters.

Axians has been an innovation partner of CNHi Zedelgem for several years, and more specifically of the innovation department, deploying digital solutions for precision farming: aiming at
production optimization instead of maximization. The goal of precision farming is to achieve a maximal yield per m², with as little impact on the environment as possible, by limiting the use of (artificial) fertilizer, crop protection agents, water, etc.

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AI to reduce grain loss in the harvesting process

The GrainCam Mobile app calculates grain loss during harvesting. The driver takes a picture of the field behind the machine and, using AI, the number of grain left behind is automatically counted. The data is combined with the characteristics of the combine to automatically calculate the grain loss rate and provide advice for optimization, e.g. faster or slower driving. Automatic counting obviously saves the driver time and ensures accuracy. The combination with advice for adjustment ensures increased efficiency of the harvesting process.

“The GrainCam Mobile app is a great example of how technology and digitalization contribute not only to productivity but also to a more sustainable process. And so, together with CNHi, we also highlighted other challenges and developed solutions that help build their story of precision agriculture and a more sustainable future.”

Vermeersch Roel

Business Unit Manager at Axians

An award-winning solution with a bright future ahead

The application was developed by Axians for CNH Industrial Zedelgem. At SIMA Paris, a leading fair for sustainable and efficient agriculture that took place in November, the app was presented to the general public and immediately awarded a bronze Innovation award, in the category ‘From Harvest to Storage’. This was followed a few weeks later by the further roll-out of the mobile app, available free of charge for Android and iOS in the app stores.

Today, the app can be deployed in grain harvesting, but extensions for application to other crops are already in development. The model is further trained via the photos that the user can voluntarily forward to CNHi.


Improved coordination on the field

  • Driver is guided in adjusting his speed to optimize the yield

Time efficiency

  • Saves time by not having to manually count the grains

See yourself!

Download the free app in the App store or Google Play store and try it out!

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