“We have been using this equipment for a while now and are very happy with the ease of use and the quality of the installation.” – Johan Creemers

Customer: Gimv
Expertise & industry: Audiovisual solutions
Technology: BYOM, ceiling microphones & ultra-short throw projection system

Gimv is a European investment company listed on Euronext Brussels. As a recognized market leader, they partner with entrepreneurial and innovative companies in four future-oriented investment areas. Their renewed boardroom now functions as presentation and hybrid meeting room. Via the Crestron touch panel the source is chosen and volume is controlled. “An overview of the room was made for hybrid meetings so you can select which part of the room/table should be zoomed in on,” says Johan Creemers, Allround Infrastructure Engineer at Gimv.

The connection to the projection system is done through the Barco Clickshare. The presenter brings his laptop, plugs in the Clickshare and can easily start presenting or kickoff a hybrid meeting. The biggest advantage is that there is no need to think about the types of cables or where the presenter is seated. At Gimv they already have several years of experience with this system. The Clickshare can also be found in their smaller meeting rooms. “It is very much appreciated that it has been aligned across meeting rooms, it has great ease of use,” says Johan Creemers.

For the microphones we chose to work with four compact Biamp ceiling microphones that cover the entire room. They are barely visible and are less disturbing than, for example, a table microphone. People often carry tablets or laptops with them during meetings which can disrupt the recording via a table microphone. The lights surrounding the ceiling microphone indicate whether sound is being collected. “It’s very natural. We tested it beforehand and you notice that even when someone whispers, everything is still very intelligible. The voice is captured very well,” Johan Creemers concludes.

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