Axele on-the job supports customers step-by-step in setting up their pools

Client: Simpools
Segment: Leisure – Swimming Pools
Expertise: Business Applications
Axele on-the job

The idea behind Simpools is simple: to offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional built-in pools. High quality above-ground pools combined with a personalized terrace are the answer. They are modular, affordable and designed with an eye for aesthetics. In addition to in-house installations, this company now also provides self-built packages, aiming to support the customer thanks to Axians’ innovative software tool Axele on-the-job.

Simpools Axele on-the-jobSim Vanlangenhove, owner of Simpools, was looking for a step-by-step guide for installing a surface-mounted swimming pool by the do-it-yourselfer. In Axians on-the-job you can easily create interactive digital manuals, with text, photos and videos. “Using this tool is completely in line with our company’s vision,” says Sim. “In fact, in time we want to switch completely to do-it-yourself installations, so then good documentation is crucial!” Axele on-the-job simplifies the installation process and provides the do-it-yourselfer with better visual guidance.

After a viral TikTok movie in the summer of 2023, Simpools received requests from outside the Benelux, making multilingual instructions essential. Axele on-the-job eagerly responds to this as well. The flexibility of the tool makes it possible to change gears quickly and make adjustments. “When a certain step requires extra clarification, a model changes, another language is needed, … you can adapt the manual very easily,” explains Jef De Clerck, Sales Engineer at Axians.

Continuous improvement

Simpools Axele on-the-jobIn addition, the Simpools tool also provides insight into customers’ installation processes. By monitoring installation times and collecting user input, such as photo uploads, Simpools can continuously improve its products and instructions. Mutual sharing of experience and knowledge with in-house employees is also easy with Axele on-the-job. For example, an experienced employee can smoothly document an installation and share the knowledge with colleagues. “Moreover, this way we also avoid our paper manuals going flying on a job site,” Sim laughs.

Using this tool is completely in line with our company’s vision.

Vanlangenhove Sim

Owner Simpools

SImpools Axe on-the-job

Simpools uses Axele on-the-job for step-by-step digital guidance on building surface-mounted pools, both for customers and its own employees.