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Client:  Arvesta/Aveve
Partner: Actemium

Product: LIBRA (Actemium)
Technology:  CPLEX  

Market Segment: Agro-industry
Problem:  Supply Chain Problem

As a feed manufacturing company, Arvesta/Aveve relies on thousands of feed recipes to supply their customers with the most accurate products. For decades, they have used partner brand Actemium’s feed formulation software LIBRA to optimize their huge number of recipes across multiple plants at home and abroad. We provided an upgrade of their optimization algorithm with CPLEX.

“A recipe can contain up to 50 different raw materials, must meet a large number of nutritional requirements and is subject to fluctuating market prices,” explains Dominique Cools, Manager Formulation and Administration (Swine Nutrition) at Arvesta/Aveve. These boundary conditions show the complexity of formulations and the challenge of providing customers with the most cost-effective solution.

Improved performance and better purchasing decisions by LIBRA with CPLEX solver as optimization algorithm

Cools Dominique

Manager Formulation & Administration (Arvesta/Aveve)

“Today, LIBRA software optimises recipes in multi-plant, multi-period models to minimise their total cost of raw materials. We integrated the CPLEX solver module into our software to calculate the best solution for these complex and extensive models,” clarifies Hugo Callens, Branch Manager at Actemium.

Filip Vandenbossche, Nutritionist Poultry at Arvesta/Aveve is impressed: “We can run interactive simulations more often and tackle more complex models to reduce variations between similar feed products and provide purchase guidance. Additionally, the improved performance means we can now spend more time on our basic feeding tasks.”


LIBRA with CPLEX as a powerful solution for complex optimization models

Callens Hugo

Branch Manager (Actemium)

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