Client : Versluys Group
Expertise: Cloud & Data center, Networking in construction and real estate market
Technology: Cisco Meraki firewall, wireless & (deduplicated) switching, fiber connection

Versluys Group operates in various market segments and has been active in both the construction and project real estate markets since 1908. In addition to leading project development in Belgium and the Netherlands, the group also has its own in-house construction company ‘Versluys Bouw’ and, since 2020, ‘Versluys Logistics’ has overseen all logistics real estate opportunities. Meanwhile, Versluys Group has grown into a top national player in residential real estate. The group is a pioneer in exclusive city and dike locations on the Belgian Central Coast and Dutch Cadzand, with a reference list of more than 780 projects covering some 7,500 apartments.

One high-performance network for the entire group

Over the years Versluys has grown significantly and in addition to its headquarters in Ostend, it also counts a sales office with showroom and several mobile worksite offices. To guarantee further growth and core competencies such as communication and quality, the digital foundations, the IT infrastructure and all related ICT elements had to be further strengthened and optimally attuned to each other. Versluys Group approached Axians Belgium to design and implement the most sustainable and efficient solution for this.

Axians and Cisco combined their strong expertise in networking, infrastructure, cloud and data center to come up with the best solution. Among other things, we installed Cisco Meraki firewalls, wireless and deduplicated switching at the sites. In addition, the upgrade also came with a Fiber Connection internally in the building and externally for the Internet.

The Cloud solution also ensures that a range of devices, applications and users can be combined in one environment and provides the necessary flexibility for easy and smooth remote working.

Versatile IT infrastructure and networking ecosystem offers a wide range of opportunities

The Cisco ecosystem, FiberConnection and Cloud environment fully managed by Axians Belgium thus offer many advantages:

  • a Hybrid IT infrastructure where, for example, business-critical data and applications can remain on prems, coupled with the Cloud that provides great flexibility and scalability,
  • a faster and more secure network, where all devices, data, applications and users can also be more easily managed centrally,
  • an environment adapted to optimal agility and scalability, both hardware-wise and software-wise, with a greatly increased user experience,
  • better and smoother license management and smooth remote and hybrid working thanks, among other things, to SSO and corresponding security with a strong password policy,
  • the possibility of network segmentation according to type of users and data life cycle management,
  • a permanent IT partner who can further unburden and guide the company in its future digital ambitions regarding user adoption, governance, compliance and cybersecurity.

The result?

All in all, Versluys Groep can face the many digital challenges the future will bring with confidence. This strong, renewed and centrally manageable ICT environment offers the necessary guarantees in terms of business continuity, further growth thanks to a variety of scaling possibilities. For both the company, the various offices, its employees and future expansions.