NIS2 in a nutshell

NIS2-richtlijn cyberbeveiliging cybersecurity

The Network and Information Security directive, or NIS2, aims to improve cybersecurity as well as the resilience of essential services in EU member states. The successor to NIS1 provides a significant scope expansion:

  • Multiple sectors or organizations will have to comply with NIS2.
  • Stricter monitoring of compliance with security standards and notification requirements.
  • Introduction of harmonized sanctions.
  • Info over cybersecurity / cyberbveiliging en de NIS2 Directive / NIS2 richtlijn.
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  • Info over cybersecurity / cyberbveiliging en de NIS2 Directive / NIS2 richtlijn.
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Start your NIS2 preparation now!

The new obligations are not effective until the end of the transposition period (Oct. 17, 2024), but it is useful to prepare now for the general obligations arising from the directive. Implementing NIS2 requires a security awareness or mindset. Thus, a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to cybersecurity is essential.

So don’t wait for the transposition legislation, taking into account the scope expansion of industrial facilities and processes, as well as the increasing threats and risks. Axians recommends starting now to increase (or continue to increase) your level of cyber security.

NIS1 and NIS2 domains - 2023.

Does NIS2 apply to my industry?

The NIS2 Directive addresses sectors already covered by the first NIS Directive, as well as some new sectors. Essentially, an organization is covered if it:

  • operates in one of the (sub)sectors and types of services
  • has a certain size

Axians will be happy to inform you about further details for securing your IT and/or OT infrastructure, including all the exceptions and nuances that industrial installations entail.

So how can Axians help with NIS2?

Organizations will have to comply with many obligations around cybersecurity, risk management and reporting under NIS2. The new directive is not limited to the office environment, but also specifically targets cyber security of industrial facilities.
Axians helps you build an efficient cybersecurity policy with effective measures to avoid cyber risks and comply with the required NIS2 infrastructure.
  • Assessment I Audit – Identify .

    Assessment I Audit – Identify .

    Our experts scan your organization for NIS2 obligations and deficiencies with a security assessment. This is the best starting point to define a tailored continuity and security strategy.

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  • Implementation I Protect 

    Implementation I Protect 

    With an implementation plan, we support the rollout of NIS2 measures, with advice on risk management, audits, training to the creation of a cybersecurity policy.

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  • Aftercare I Maintain – Recover 

    Aftercare I Maintain – Recover 

    Our guidance does not stop with the implementation of your cybersecurity policy. We follow up on the actions taken and continuously test your IT infrastructure against NIS2 compliance. In this way, we relieve your organization and keep your cybersecurity approach and management system not only up-to-date, but above all NIS2 proof!

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Info over cybersecurity / cyberbveiliging en de NIS2 Directive / NIS2 richtlijn.

What steps should I take as an organization?

The Center for Cybersecurity Belgium established several levels in the context of NIS2 proposing key measures to:

  • to protect data
  • reduce the risk of the most common cyber attacks
  • increase the cyber resilience of an organization

Axians helps you determine this level and looks at what else NIS2 means for your organization.

The digital world is acontinually changing with new trends, as well as new threats. Cybersecurity is more of a concern than ever as we rely more and more on technology. NIS2 encourages organizations to stay ad rem, monitoring and responding to developments in cybersecurity.

De Blieck Dean

Solutions Architect at Axians

Info over cybersecurity / cyberbveiliging en de NIS2 Directive / NIS2 richtlijn.

A cybersecurity mindset …

Technological evolution and increased connectivity are creating a “perfect storm” for cyber threats. It is critical to define a continuity and security strategy tailored to each organization.

  • Understand the current design of your environment from a security perspective.
  • Determine the criticality of your assets.
  • Identify potential weaknesses.
  • Determine how to optimize perimeter and external access security.
  • Prioritize actions taking into account the balance between safety, security and finances.

Axians helps your transition to a cyber security mindset.

NIS2 best practices

An effective cybersecurity policy

An effective cybersecurity policy is essential to comply with the NIS2 directive and ensure robust security within the industrial automation sector. These policies should include both technical and organizational measures and focus on protecting critical assets, identifying and mitigating risks, and promoting a culture of security awareness within the organization.

Total integration of security measures

A critical aspect of NIS2 directive compliance and ensuring cybersecurity in industrial automation is the integration of security measures throughout the organization. That means involving all departments, processes and systems in implementing an effective cybersecurity policy.

Awareness and training

Ensuring a well-trained and aware workforce. Employees at all levels of the organization play a vital role in maintaining a strong security culture and minimizing risk. This includes not only technical training for IT and security personnel, but also general awareness programs for all employees.

Get NIS2 ready!

New trends create new challenges for the security of your IT and/or OT infrastructure. Axians looks for answers to the biggest concerns around cybersecurity.

Info over cybersecurity / cyberbveiliging en de NIS2 Directive / NIS2 richtlijn.

Conforming to NIS2? Let's start together!