Digital companion for the complete and sustainable wine process

Client: De Wilde Wijngaard
Market Segment: Wine industry
Expertise: Business Applications
Axele on-the job

Since 2016, De Wilde Wijngaard in Lelystad (NL) offers a fully organic vineyard producing mainly white wines. Recently, Axele on-the job has been supporting them with specific instructions on how to make the wine. The innovative tool guarantees knowledge assurance through training and step-by-step instructions. Here, it acts as a digital vineyard guide at every stage of wine production, and represents an important step towards sustainable viticulture.

Axele on-the job supports the team through the process, from winter pruning to guiding the plants to a new harvest, and ultimately the harvesting and processing process into wine. “Wine making is a labor-intensive reality, thanks to Axele on-the job we can work more accurately and efficiently,” De Witte Wijnaard clarifies.

Knowledge sharing & training

“Our tool offers multiple training modules. The team consists of different profiles from volunteers to students and interns, from home and abroad. So everyone gets the necessary tailored info and can continuously improve their skills,” explains Jef De Clerck as Engineer at Axians.

Axians on-the-job also supports them in their ambition to produce organic wines with clean winemaking techniques. De Wilde Wijngaard is actively engaged as a large-scale practical example for clean and biotopic viticulture, to derive a well-founded model approach applicable to their own vineyard and beyond through research.

With its course and training programs, De Wilde Wijnaard is a source of inspiration and education for the broader viticultural community. Axele on-the-job is a loyal and digital companion in this regard, helping to provide a valuable contribution to the broader and sustainable wine industry.

Moreover, by incorporating Axele on-the-job into their operations, De Wilde Wijngaard ensures the preservation and transmission of their valuable expertise for future generations.

I was a little reluctant to start the tool, but once I got into the first journey, it quickly became addictive.

Nijsters Anna

Communication Manager – De Wilde Wijngaard

De Wilde Wijngaard uses Axele on-the-job for interactive digital guidance on physical operations for their wine production in the heart of Flevoland, some 7 meters below sea level.