e-Learning with high impact

It’s not about a digital platform,
it’s about acquiring true knowledge

   Learning solution adapted to your audience

The learning journey that fits for an operator in an industrial environment is different than the one for a customer learning how to work with your product. Axians guides you to target everyone with the right approach and user experience.


   Learning management system

Axele organizes, tracks and distributes online courses for formal learning. Include the courses in your blended learning strategy and make sure the acquired knowledge is practical, profound and can be used directly to increase efficiency and quality.

  • A training can be composed of various objects such as learning content, exams, surveys, movies, webinars, …
  • Co-create to build your content by sharing your training with several authors. Get it reviewed and approved in an integrated flow.
  • Stay aligned with what your workforce is doing each and every day. Observation checklists allow managers to follow-up on learner progress and compliance processes.


   Highly reduce administrative tasks

Axele cuts tedious and error-prone admin tasks by automating them, so L&D officers have more time for valuable activities. Define rules, let the system do the work, and don’t worry about enrolling users manually ever again.


   Improved visibility builds better teams

My Team gives managers unprecedented access to their team’s learning activities. Uncover skill gaps and address overdue certifications to improve performance through learning.

Making the life of L&D officers easier by giving managers a way to assign and enroll learning activities for individual team members.


   Coach and share

This optional module allows your employees to ask questions and get answers from subject-matter experts within your organization. Capture user-generated knowledge, validate it through peer-review, and share it across teams, all while building a culture that rewards top performers.


   Matches your pace of growth

Axele seamlessly scales to meet the evolving needs of organizations of any size. An easy initial setup gets you started right away. A wide range of functionalities and a scalable platform lets you adapt to the unique and changing needs of your organization. Just scale as learning projects become more sophisticated.


   Integrated solution

Axele integrates in a way that maximizes the data flow between your learning platform and your enterprise applications. This results in actionable insights guaranteed to improve your L&D programs and overall business performance.


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