180° videowall Digital Twin Control Room

Customer: University of Ghent
Expertise & industry: Audiovisual solutions
Technology: videowall, digital twin

A digital twin is a virtual representation of an object or system that spans its life cycle, is updated from real-time data, and uses simulation, machine learning and reasoning to help decision-making. Digital twins let us understand the present and predict the future.  In the Smart Production Organization Lab in Kortrijk – a collaboration between Ghent University and machine construction and mechatronics companies from the region – Axians AV has installed an impressive 180° video wall made up of 32 Barco UniSee LED panels on behalf of Ghent University.

How does it work?

The video wall is the heart of the Digital Twin Control Room. This Digital Twin makes it possible to depict production environments in a virtual world. It is a unique and innovative solution that requires an innovative approach and components. The advantage of the curved video wall is that there is not a single viewpoint.

“As the University of Ghent, we are proud that we can realize this unique project with Barco, Vogel’s and Axians Audiovisual. We look forward to tackling new challenges in the future.”

Prof. dr. ing. Johannes Cottyn, Coördinator XiaK & Core lab manager ISyE @ UGent

The 180° video wall offers a unique viewing experience and ensures complete immersion in the virtual world. It is a vital tool to help engineers and operators understand not only how products and processes are performing, but also how they will perform in the future. Analysis of the data from the connected sensors, combined with other sources of information, allows us to make these predictions.