Convenient web application for better organization of requests

Client: Engicon nv (Geldof)
Expertise: Custom Application Development, Business Applications, ERP Integrations
Technology: Azure, Java, Dynamics AX, Web application

Engicon nv (Geldof) based in Harelbeke, Belgium, is a leading European supplier of ‘integrated steel solutions’ for the storage, handling and processing of liquids, solids and gases. They have a strong reputation in the realization of storage tank projects, pressure vessels, dry bulk storage and handling installations, and various other customized solutions that often require a combination of diverse technical competencies.

Structuring material requests through the ‘eShop’

Steel solutions are mostly customized for the customer and the works are mainly carried out ‘on site’. The lead time for such projects quickly amounts to several months to more than a year. During this period, additional material (such as welding material, bolts, tools, etc.) is regularly sent to the site.

No fixed, structured process existed to request the material, this was done via mail, over the phone, verbal agreements,… resulting in misunderstandings and frustrations.

To solve this, the concept of the ‘eShop’ was created. This is a web application that puts the various sites in direct contact with the warehouses. Thus, materials can be requested through a structured and supported process.


The eShop provides much more clarity regarding what we need to prepare and deliver. The number of incorrect deliveries has decreased tremendously as a result.

Warehouse employee

An intuitive and user-friendly web application

Through the responsive web application, a construction site (the requestor) can order items so that a warehouse employee (the order picker) can process and ship them. The requestor thus has visibility of the status of his order at any time. The order picker receives the orders via structured picking lists.

The solution is hosted on premise. Through various integrations (Azure AD and Dynamics AX), the management of eShop items, requesting orders and processing picking lists is intelligently handled. The intuitive and user-friendly user interface allows any requestor to start using the system right away. The solution thus fits seamlessly into Geldof’s IT landscape and IT strategy.

Besides the technical part, Axians paid ample attention to the end-user experience. Thus, the built application is both high-performance and user-friendly.

Legley Nico

ERP Specialist

Solution Benefits:

  • AX integration: all articles are defined and managed in AX. Through integration, new articles (including photo and specifications) are automatically added in the eShop. Old articles, which can no longer be ordered, also disappear from the assortment.
  • Improved (internal) customer service: the eShop provides transparency, simplicity and informs the internal customer about his order.
  • Paperless working: via picking lists, the order picker can easily complete the orders. The various communication channels were replaced by one streamlined system so that information is no longer lost.
  • Information: as orders are now communicated digitally, this offers Geldof new opportunities for in-depth reporting and analysis of site supplies and warehouse operations.