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    Evaluating Enterprise Jira Cloud Backup & Restore Solutions: Key Considerations for Optimal Data Protection

    As businesses increasingly rely on cloud-based tools for collaboration, project management, service management and automating workflows across the enterprise, Atlassian's suite of Jira Cloud products has become a popular choice. These tools, including Jira Software, Service Management, Work Management, and Product Discovery, empower organizations to work efficiently.

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    Event: Healthcare, ICT4Care, March 07

    Wondering what Axians can do for your healthcare institution? 🏥 Find out how we are driving digital transformation across the healthcare value chain at the 27th colloqium ICT4care on March 07 at De Montil in Affligem.

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  • Platinum Solution Partnership with Atlassian: a new chapter in this collaboration

    It is becoming increasingly important for companies to streamline their services and teams through customized software. Therefore, in September 2021, we introduced a new expertise: 'Work & Service Management'. Today, after two and a half years, we mark a new milestone at Axians that confirms the impressive growth of our team: a platinum partnership with Atlassian.

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    Event: Atlassian, Unleas 11 – 12 December

    Come to Atlassian's "Unleash" with Axians on December 11 & 12, 2023 in Amsterdam. The event of the year where Agile & Devops take center stage. Our experts will be happy to guide you through the Atlassian Community and take you through the latest product updates! As an attendee you can also watch live and exclusive demos, as well as network with like-minded people. Don't miss out and register now!

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  • Cybersecurity & NIS2: What is it all about?

    The NIS2 Directive is a crucial European regulation focusing on the security of networks and information systems in many critical sectors. By October 17, 2024, all EU member states must transpose the NIS2 Directive into their national legislation, after which the requirements will become effectively applicable. Compliance with the NIS2 directive therefore becomes essential to protect your organization against cyber threats, manage risk and comply with regulatory requirements.

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  • Cybersecurity: Why you need a security operations center?

    Many organizations find managing security operations to be a daunting task. The costs, the staffing requirements, and the complexity of various components can be overwhelming. In a world where cyber threats are constantly on the rise in both number and complexity, security has become a critical concern not just for large enterprises but also for SMBs. The Security Operations Center, or SOC, can be the solution to this pressing challenge.

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    Cybersecurity: solving security for SMB’s

    Small businesses face the same cybersecurity challenges as large, established enterprises — including constant threats from cybercriminals and a struggle to find, recruit, and retain top-tier security talent. In addition to these challenges, leaders at SMBs also have to place their total focus on running and growing their business, leaving little time to worry about cybersecurity. That’s why SMBs need the right ally in their battle against cyber-attacks.

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    Cybersecurity: Why you need Cyber Insurance

    Cyber risk is everywhere. This means that organizations not only need to up their cybersecurity, but they also need to think about it in terms of risk and need a holistic risk management approach, encompassing identification, protection, and response. Ending cyber risk isn’t easy, but in recent years a new tool in the cybersecurity toolbox has emerged: cyber insurance.

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    Event: HI!-tech Horizons – Exploring the Future of IT

    Join us at “HI!-tech Horizons: Exploring the Future of IT,” on November 9, 2023, at the HI! site in Grimbergen. Get inspired and explore the latest technology and the future of digital applications in the field. Together we’ll dive deeper into the innovations and trends that are shaping the future of IT.

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