There are several trends specific to the healthcare industry: regulations are becoming complex, the population is aging, budgets are limited… To support these changes, the information system must transform itself with the goal of improving patient experience and the quality of healthcare services, as well as enabling prompt and smart decision making in case of emergencies.

Tailored services for the healthcare industry

Hospitals, clinics, retirement homes... Axians offers profitable and high-performance solutions, for governmental and private healthcare organizations, whatever their size.

Axians provides integrated business systems and applications to match user requirements, with a focus on delivering flexible features and strong scalability to support emerging demands.

Offering flexible and responsive managed services, Axians helps healthcare organizations focus on their core business and minimize their operating expenses.

With Axians, patients can also benefit from entertainment services and can keep in touch with their family and friends, thanks to connected solutions deployed at the patient’s bedside and in common areas.

Key solutions and expertise for the healthcare industry

How we address your challenges

1920x1240-grayImprove healthcare quality and safety, while cutting down on costs

Axians offers Unified Communication solutions linked to resource and patient management systems. Our goal is to make hospitals even safer by using geolocation systems, mobile nurse calls, video, ...

1920x1240-blackStrengthen efficiency and collaboration among healthcare staff

We can put up a simple and open network for the medical staff, giving them access to the management- and planning applications and data. The collaboration is strengthened by speech-, data- and video solutions, mobile platforms and geolocation services.

1920x1240Improve comfort and global care for patients and visitors

Axians provides patients with communication, information and entertainment services, such as IPTV and on-demand contents, multimedia terminals, WiFi access, multichannel contact centers, dynamic displays and smartphone- based geolocation services.

1920x1240-blackPropagate knowledge and support remote healthcare services

With Axians, distances have shrunk, thanks to broadband performances, telemedecine applications, patient follow-up at home, surveillance devices, remote consultations, secure mobile access to medical data, videoconferencing, messaging and document sharing.

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