Every organization needs the structural sharing of information

Whether it’s high-level board meetings, project meetings or a quick consultation. Together with you, we analyze the DNA of your meeting room. Because equipping your meeting room is not about the latest gadgets, but about what you need to take your meeting to a higher level.

Meeting rooms

A video conference room is a must for any organization. The ideal conference room is about more than technology: it is about experience, ease of use, reliability and involvement.

Huddle Rooms are more than a hype. Stimulate collaboration, creativity and productivity by working in a Huddle Room.  They create an ideal space – especially in open offices – where focus and privacy don’t have to be a utopia.

Important decisions are made in the boardroom. The equipment must therefore be reliable, functional and user-friendly, so that you can fully focus on the content of your meeting. Audiovisual equipment plays a major role in this.

Conference rooms

Open debate is the cornerstone of democracy. The council chamber is where we engage in debate. This requires a lot of time, intense preparation and often leads to discussions. To keep everything running smoothly, a reliable audiovisual solution is an absolute priority.

Congresses, seminars or large gatherings have special requirements in terms of audiovisual support. Sound and voice amplification is self-evident, but a perfect image reproduction of your message is also very important.


The bigger the room, the harder it becomes to hold the attention of those present. Image and sound play an essential role in auditoriums. Optimal intelligibility and clear presentations are key to maximizing the experience.

To keep growing is to keep learning. The moment that we stop learning, is the moment that our organization stops running. So it makes sense for a classroom to be equipped with the audiovisual techniques it needs. There is an ideal audiovisual solution for every type of classroom.

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