How do you respond to the new opportunities that industrial IoT, big data, AI,… bring? A digital roadmap with a vision is indispensable to leave your competition behind.

Digital transformation

The rapidly changing world with many technological evolutions offers numerous opportunities. Digitization is the cornerstone of all of this. You can expand or improve your service, make your product smarter, increase the efficiency of your production or change your business model.

These opportunities also pose challenges. Connectivity is increasing, so you must be able to secure yourself properly.

Axians contributes to your digital roadmap, builds and integrates your customized solution and relieves you of all support and hosting once it is up and running. Our industrial cybersecurity team ensures that you can sleep soundly.

Key solutions and expertise for industry

Axians, your guide in digitization

1920x1240-grayConnected ecosystem
Strengthen customer loyalty through digital interaction. Maybe you can even connect with your client's customer? Strengthen partnerships and work more efficiently with suppliers. With digital platforms, mobile apps and integration between systems you strengthen your position in the ecosystem.

1920x1240-blackPerforming processes
Increase the efficiency of your processes, reduce errors and improve service quality. We automate your business processes with BPM and robotic process automation (RPA) software. Support your strategic and operational decisions with data analytics.

1920x1240Smart products
Make your product smarter. Collect data about the use of your product through sensors. Improve the user experience and understand what is important to your customers. A mobile app offers them a dashboard, remote control, the possibility to order spare parts and much more.

1920x1240-blackTraceable quality

The solution tailored to your process guides the operator to the correct actions and logs the actions for possible audits. Asset management ensures that you know where assets are located and what their status is.

Our e-learning platform Axele guarantees that everyone acts with the necessary knowledge.

1920x1240More control over your production environment
Our IoT platform Eva offers insight into your production environment, allows you to act proactively, monitor sites remotely, save costs, improve product quality, save energy and guarantee a safe environment.

1920x1240Maintenance 4.0
Predictive maintenance is no longer an unattainable dream. We determine the ideal time to perform maintenance via machine learning, taking into account the chance of failure and the cost of maintenance.

With anomaly detection, you proactively notice the need for preventive maintenance.

Case study: CNHi Harvest Coordination app

CNH industrial is specialized in agricultural vehicles. In collaboration with CNHi, Axians designed the Harvest Coordination app, a mobile application that simplifies coordination during the harvesting process for all parties, including the contractors. Combine downtime is avoided for optimal efficiency. The automatic reporting based on the sensor data not only provides a detailed overview of the nutritional values ​​of the product, but also offers traceability on much smaller batches. Artificial Intelligence was used to measure losses and adjust the settings of the combine harvester.

Case study: Hannecard Countroll app

Hannecard is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of industrial roller coverings. Together we developed the Countroll IoT platform, which helps them to improve their customer service by smart monitoring and to realize a paperless supply chain. Hannecard’s industrial customers optimize their processes based on the intelligent asset management solution for rollers.

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